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Glencairn Lounge

30 - Aug - 2014

A family run, family friendly restaurant in the historic town of Dumbarton


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The Glencairn Menu
The Glencairn Menu

Finest Scottish Cuisine

The Glencairn takes pride in offering you a carefully selected wide range of dishes to suit most of our customers' needs. Many of dishes are prepared and cooked from locally sourced ingredients and we always look to include a touch of Scotland in our most popular dishes.

Our popular menu

Our menu has a wide and varied selection of dishes based on our 7 years of experience in establishing the best value for money as well as the tastiest home cooked food in Dumbarton. Our popular dishes include; Chicken, Chilli or Vegetable Enchilada, Macaroni Cheese,Lasagne and our famous home made Steak Pie as well as a wide range of other popular dishes such as Chicken Goujons including a vegetarian option.

The Grill Bar

The Glencairn offers a range of burgers and steaks from our grill bar all of which can be accompanied by delicious freshly prepared sauces and served with fries, potatoes or salad. All of our steaks and burgers are made from 100% pure beef and are cooked to your liking. Our steaks are served on a sizzler and garnished with mushrooms and onion rings.

Daily Specials

As well as a wide ranging and popular menu The Glencairn offers a selection of carefully chosen Daily Specials. Our specials menu has often included unusual and rarely seen in Scotland dishes such as Ostrich, Alligator and Kangaroo steaks as well as some of our finest Scottish dishes such as Venison, Salmon and Chicken Balmoral, the latter often served with a whisky sauce.

Other dishes and salads

Our regular menu includes a wide range of other popular dishes such as our tasty beef or chicken Stroganoffs and Fajitas, as well as catering for those customers looking for something lighter with a wide range of freshly prepared salads.




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